Our Partners

Our progress in workers' welfare has never been in isolation. We proudly partner with leading institutions, both local and international, to develop key initiatives that are helping to improve the lives of our workers.

With a strong focus on enhancing workers' health & safety, we have spearheaded several pioneering programmes that include introducing revolutionary cooling suits for workers, improving nutrition, creating electronic medical records for workers and providing training programmes – all made possible thanks to the support of our partners.

Our collaboration with international bodies, such as Building and Wood Workers' International and Impactt Ltd., is also critical to our progress. Together we conduct rigorous inspections and external monitoring across our projects to identify shortcomings and strengthen our efforts in workers' welfare.

We partnered with A101 to develop an exclusive smartphone app for workers named Sadiqi, designed to enhance the everyday lives of workers.

In November 2016, we signed a cooperation agreement with BWI to conduct joint health & safety inspections on our projects. The findings are released in an annual report.

Deloitte provides specialist resources to support our robust audit and inspection systems that ensure proper enforcement of our standards across projects.

A multilateral partnership between the SC, TechNiche and HBKU has resulted in the development of the revolutionary cooling suits that are helping our workers combat heat stress.

Together with the Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Corporation's mental health service, we launched an integrated mental healthcare pathway and mental health training programme for all workers and clinicians on our projects. Also launched a channel with Hamad Heart Hospital offering professional medical services for high-risk workers.

Impactt Ltd. was appointed as our external monitor in April 2016. They are a key part of our four-tier auditing system that ensures our auditing and inspection activities are comprehensive and robust. Findings of their independent audits are published in an annual report.

In January 2021, we commenced a partnership with KIMS Medical Centre to conduct health screenings for all SC workers for a period of two years.

We partnered with the MoPH in 2019 to develop and launch a comprehensive mental healthcare channel for our workers on our programme. Their partnership was instrumental in developing a mental health awareness campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic to help our workers.

In November 2020, we signed an agreement with OCCUMED to conduct health screenings for all SC workers for a period of two years. OCCUMED and contractor medical teams have been working together to ensure proper care and case management where acute or chronic illnesses are identified.

In 2018, we partnered with Ooredoo to introduce a Mobile Money app to support workers with easy money transfers at competitive rates through their phones.

In 2020, the QCC conducted a survey with SC contractors to study the benefits and challenges associated with implementing our Workers' Welfare Standards. Overall, the findings reflected a positive view of the standards, with most contractors recommending that the standards be extended nationwide.

We worked with QRC to provide comprehensive medical screenings to all workers between 2018 and 2020.

In 2017, we partnered with QISC to design and carry out training courses for workers and key contractor staff to improve their soft and technical capabilities, enhance job performance, increase productivity and safety, and prepare them for future careers.

SESRI has been commissioned to undertake our annual workers' survey, launched in 2018, offering insights into matters that impact workers' lives in Qatar and on our programme. The SC also commissioned the contractor survey to SESRI in 2021 to secure a comprehensive independent analysis of contractor perspectives on the impact of the Workers’ Welfare Standards.

We have been working with TechNiche since 2018 to develop StayQool – a revolutionary cooling suit for workers. StayQool can reduce thermal skin temperature by up to 8C.

We worked with The Phoenix Partnership to set up an integrated electronic medical records system for workers – a first-of-its-kind healthcare initiative in Qatar – to monitor and manage workers' health more efficiently.

We partnered with WCM-Q in 2017 to carry out a nutrition initiative targeting our workers. We are creating awareness on the importance of nutrition and encourage active lifestyles among the workforce.

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